At Body Alignment Solutions I provide a variety of services to help improve your lifestyle, postural alignment, personal training, bodywork, massage, deep tissue massage, and alignment therapy.

Give me a call if you are experiencing pain issues, require help with fitness, nutrition, body alignment or wish to improve employees health.

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Bodywork Sessions: Living Pain-free

A potent blend of deep tissue, muscle energy and joint mobilisation techniques
to provide pain relief, and
improve performance.

Exercise Prescription: Improving Performance

Designed for each individuals requirements for improved posture, strength
and range of movement.

Personal Training: Achieving Your Goals

Individually tailored sessions designed
for those with sedentary lifestyles
to the elite athlete.

Nutrition Coaching: Eating for Life

Specific information to fit each person’s everyday lifestyle, and ensure basic health needs are met.

Corporate Health: Increasing Productivity

Establish a healthy workforce by addressing the
movement and postural
impacts of employees.

Fed up with pain?

Back pain? Stiff neck?
Posture issues? Tight muscles?
Joint aches and pains?

At Body Alignment Solutions I can help through muscle balancing, myoskeletal alignment,
stretching, deep tissue massage techniques and an exercise prescription
which will ensure structural alignment and provide pain relief.

Other Services

Personal Training – individually tailored sessions
Nutrition Plans and Coaching – eating for life
Corporate Health – addressing movement and postural impacts at work