Client Testimonials

In my profession reducing loss of training time can be critical leading into big races and John has helped me get back to training faster with his musculoskeletal strengthening and injury rehabilitation skills.

John’s ability to alleviate pain through massage and manipulation and to restore muscle and joint function has allowed me to get back pain-free and training faster. His exercise prescriptions to help strengthen these areas to reduce injury recurrence in the future have always been effective and practical.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John in any of these areas or for general targetted physical conditioning.

Richard Ussher – Professional Multisport Athlete

John Maclean has been my personal trainer for many years. I have had an ongoing shoulder problem which he has worked on and helped me to build up strength in my back and shoulders, keeping my shoulder pain-free so I can work-out in the gym and do swim training.

I won three gold medals swimming at the masters world champs in Sweden, something not possible without John’s help.

I strongly recommend John for any type of body work and sports training.

Ben Van Dyke – Masters Swimmer

If you’ve tried all other possibilities and had no luck in curing your injury then you really must see John. He is the only person who has managed to fix my Achilles tendons. After nine months of not being able to run because of the pain in my achilles I can now run pain-free. I only wish I’d been to see John first then I would have been running again very much sooner.

Jess Ross – Triathlete/Teacher