I perform a variety of techniques that aim to eliminate pain and allow you to return to a normal functioning life. The techniques I use in my Bodywork sessions include myoskeletal alignment therapy, deep tissue massage, joint mobilisation, kinesiology and assisted stretching.

The goal with exercise prescription is to bring the body to a state of muscular balance, with all muscles working efficiently together in balance and harmony. After a postural assessment I will instruct you in a personalised exercise programme. These specifically designed exercises counteract inactive lifestyles, correct and prevent overuse injuries and create long term pain relief. This will optimise your strength and performance in life and sport.

Whether its weight loss, muscle toning, flexibility, strength, specialist injury rehabilitation or training for a specific sporting event, personal training will help. Regardless of age or fitness level, Body Alignment Solutions will design a training programme that suits you and your specific goals. I also ensure you carry out specific exercises safely, effectively and with correct technique which is crucial for best results.

Nutrition coaching helps people set achievable goals and teaches ways of maintaining these goals for a lifetime. Specialised information is given to fit each person’s lifestyle and to meet required health needs for optimum energy and performance.

Many businesses today are looking for ways to improve the health and productivity of their employees and also reduce their health related costs. Numerous studies have demonstrated that healthy employees generate fewer medical expenses, have less sick days, increase company morale, reduce employee turnover and are far more productive. Body Alignment Solutions helps support your staff and gives them the tools to cope with today’s demanding business environment.