In today’s modern society, muscle imbalance patterns occur from trauma, tension and stress which cause poor balance and posture. At Body Alignment Solutions I recognise these muscle imbalances and correct them through exercise prescription and stretching.

Exercise prescription is principle-based in the fundamentals of physics and biomechanics. These exercises retrain the neuromuscular system and the biomechanical systems of the body, reminding each muscle of the function it was designed to perform. By applying a progression of exercises that have been systematically orientated towards each clients unique needs, postural realignment is then accomplished.

The goal with exercise prescription is to bring the body to a state of muscular balance, with all muscles working efficiently together in balance and harmony. These exercises usually don’t require any special equipment and are designed to strengthen your body functionally. The primary sources of resistance are your body weight and the force of gravity.

After a postural assessment I will spend time evaluating and discussing the relative position of structures of your body and will instruct you in a personalised exercise program to help counteract inactive lifestyles, correct and prevent overuse injuries and create long term pain relief. This will optimise your strength and performance in life and sport.

If you would like correctly designed exercises specifically for you, make a time with me today.