Support your staff and give them the best tools
to cope with today's demanding business environment

Many businesses today are looking for ways to improve the health and productivity of their employees and reduce their health related costs. Numerous studies have demonstrated that healthy employees generate fewer medical expenses, have less sick days, increase company morale, reduce employee turnover and are far more productive.

‘The best way to deal with workplace injuries is to prevent them in the first place.’

What does a Corporate Health Workshop do for your business?

This workshop is designed to help educate employees on critical health, fitness and nutritional issues. It is also designed to sharpen mental skills, reduce stress and tension, and to educate on the many benefits of improved posture in the workplace.

These workshops are also a great way to get employees to start thinking about the potential health risks associated with repetitive work postures and begin making lifestyle choices to improve their health and well-being.

At Body Alignment Solutions I provide on-site corporate postural alignment workshops (up to 30 people) where I will teach your staff to:

  • Avoid and treat common repetitive strain injuries
  • Recognise and correct problems in workplace posture and movement before they become pain problems
  • Show easy to perform exercises at their work station or desk to eliminate musuloskeletal pains
  • Improve neuromuscular function and athletic performance
  • Restoration of correct posture and alignment to help the body to its proper alignment and balance

What are the Benefits of a Corporate Health Consultant – for the Employer?

  • Reduced staff absences.
  • Increased staff productivity.
  • Increased staff creativity.
  • Improved staff morale.
  • And save money!

What are the Benefits of a Corporate Health Consultant – for the Employee?

  • Reduced sickness.
  • Reduced stress.
  • Minimising the risks of RSI; neck, back, shoulder and other pain.
  • Increased energy and vitality.
  • Increased motivation and enhanced performance.
1. Corporate Health Workshop (90 minutes)

This is an educational workshop which covers the factors surrounding the physical work and negative postural impacts people endure in their working environments. It is a valuable learning tool for all employees covering these postural work patterns, muscular imbalance patterns, workplace postural correction exercise and stretching techniques. This is easy to follow, interactive and designed to get the best from the muscles and joints of the body for work and life.

As an employer, addressing the postural impacts of people in the workplace will significantly reduce the amount of injuries that occur due to repetitive or stressful working conditions.

Establish a healthy workforce with reduced long term injury and fatigue today!

2. Employee Workplace Assessment

Workplace postural analysis and evaluation looks at the factors surrounding the physical workloads and any negative postural impacts of people in their working environments/stations. Addressing these is critical because it can significantly reduce the amount of workplace injuries that occur due to repetitive or stressful working conditions.

During a Body Alignment Solutions workplace assessment, postural observation and analysis of body mechanics is performed and from this evaluation of daily tasks, duties and positions, corrective stretching and exercise prescription is introduced relative to the needs of each individual.

Establishing a healthy workforce with reduced long-term injury and fatigue is as significant for the employer as it is for the employee.

What are Postural Correction Exercises?

Postural correction exercises are principle-based exercises in the fundamentals of physics and biomechanics. Postural realignment is accomplished by applying a progression of exercises that have been systematically oriented towards each individual’s unique needs. These exercises retrain the neuromucular system and the biochemical systems of the body, reminding each muscle of the function it was designed to perform.

The goal of postural correction exercises is to bring the body to a state of muscular balance, with all muscles working efficiently together in balance and harmony. They do not require special equipment and are designed to strengthen your body functionality. The primary sources of resistance are your bodyweight and the force of gravity.

After doing a postural assessment, I spend time evaluating and discussing the relative position and structures of your body and will instruct you in a personalised exercise program to help counteract inactive lifestyles, correct and prevent overuse injuries and create long-term pain relief, optimising your performance in life and sport.